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Other Name:Formalin
CAS No:50-00-0

The detailed specifications are as below:

Formaldehyde content

less than 37%(wt.)

Methanol content

lower than 1.2%(wt.)

Acidity(as formic acid)

lower than 0.04%(wt.)


lower than 0.5ppm


colorless or slightly colored liquid

  a)  In timber inudustry
It is used in the manufacture of urea-formaldehyde resin and phenol aldehyde resin. 
b)  In textiles industry 
It is used in the finishing of garment materials. 
c)  In preserving solution 
Formaldehyde aqueous 35%-40% solution(formalin)can be used in preserving and disinfection of seeds and in the soaking of biological specimen
d)  In food industry 
It is used in the preserving of food