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Hordenine HCL
Name:Hordenine HCL
The detailed specifications are as below:

Item of testing  Specification Result 
Appearance Off white to light brown powder Off white powder
Identification IR spectrum correspond to WRS Conforms
Melting point,℃ 175℃ ~ 185℃ 177.4℃ ~ 178.0℃
Loss On Drying,% ≦1.0% 0.27%
Lead,ppm ≦3ppm Conforms
Cadmium,ppm ≦0.3ppm Conforms
Chromium,ppm ≦2ppm Conforms
Arsenic,ppm ≦3ppm Conforms
Mercury,ppm ≦0.2ppm Conforms
Assay(HPLC),% ≧98.5% 99.10%
Microbial TVAC:NMT 1000cfu/g Conforms
TYMC:NMT 100cfu/g Conforms
Salmonella:Negative in 10g Conforms
E.coli:Negative in 10g Conforms
Conclusion Conforms